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3M 55230 55230H Double Coated Tissue Adhesive Tape

Basic Information

Material: :Other
Thickness: :0.15mm
Adhesive: :Acrylic
Widh: : Customized
55230 is a specially designed double coated tiisue tape,convenient for handcraft and rotary die cutting.It can be well attached to various surfaces such as metal,ABS,PS etc,and is a general product with high ratio of performance to cost.


• Silicone adhesive provides good bond to silicone rubber, strong holding power to various silicone surfaces, good temperature performance and good solvent resistance.
• 3M™ Adhesive 350 provides very high adhesion to a wide variety of materials,excellent shear holding power, high temperature resistance and excellent UV resistance.
• A thin polyester carrier provides dimensional stability and improved handling with ease of die cutting and lamination compared to adhesive transfer tapes.bonding.

Applications where bonding silicone rubber to high surface energy materials is necessary.
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