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factory supply 3M 55236 double-sided adhesive label die-cutting foam tape substitution

Basic Information

Material: :Tissue Paper
Thickness: :0.12mm White Tissue Tape
Adhesive: :Acrylic
Widh: : Customized
M™ Double Coated Tissue Tape 55236 0.12mm high tack acrylic adhesive with a tissue carrier on a densified kraft paper liner
Double coated tape with a tissue carrier which adds dimensional stability for handling on densified kraft 3M paper liner
High adhesion to HSE materials, high tack. Good temperature, chemical and humidity resistance.
Good for joining and bonding in general industrial applications.
Tissue carrier
Industrial Adhesives & Tapes - Applications
Nonwoven double side tape shall be made by coating our unique acrylic adhesive on both side of non wovens.
The tape provide high bond strength to most surfaces.
The application is to bond plastics, nameplate and graphic overlays.
This tape also have good performance for gaskets and die-cutting arts.
Bonding punched metal nameplates
Bonding ABS decorative panels
Fixing plastic display panel
Bonding of metal plates, plastic plates and foam
Bonding of cushioning and sealing materials in: Printers, Copiers, Televisions, Other office equipment and home appliances.
Applications requiring re-peeling
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